First female masturbation bar

There is a bar in Tokyo (Japan) where just women can access. Name's bar is Love Joule and it is enabled to female masturbation.

They could find in there everything that leads up having a comfortable masturbation. A wide range of sex toys to cover all their needs. They could use those toys even buy them in order to continue with masturbation in the privacy of their homes.

They may also discuss about their most intimate secrets while they are sipping a drink.

Nowadays there aren't more known female masturbation official bars, however there are some sex courses focused to women around the world.

Is thought that women don't masturbate but that's not true. Lots of them are too shy to talk about it, women aren't used to talk about it as men do. In short, masturbation helps both woman intimacy and having sex with her partner as the knowlege about her sexuality.