Faithful partner

The term faithful partner is very old, it is a very used word in partner relationships. But what we understand to be faithful in a relationship? A faithful person is the one that once the couple is defined as engaged, married or claim to be engaged he or she is not having sex or kissing another person during their relationship. Some rumors confirm that the word loyalty is determined when the average life of a human being was 30-40 years. Because people did not live that long, the couple promised fidelity, but now we live much more.

It is said that human beings are monogamous, so it is said that we cannot have more than one wife or husband. Therefore, we are very different from polygamous animals such as emperor penguins.

Science has given evidence on the matter, proving natural human infidelity. It can be caused during the process of falling in love, but more often and logical when the feeling of love or affection between the couple disappears.

But above all, there is much infidelity when there are shortcomings such as. Some unfulfilled need. Depending on gender, unfulfilled needs vary.

For women there are shortcomings such as:

1. Affective (lack of affection)

2. Communication (lack of dialogue)

3. Security (not feeling quite safe with your partner)

4. Confidence (not fully trust your partner)

5. The one (feeling that your partner is special)

In the case of men:

1. Attraction (if your partner ceases to be attractive)

2. Sex (when there is sexual deficiencies on the part of the couple)

3. Dialogue (if there are communication gaps)

4. Confidence (jealousy can lead to lack of confidence)

Other scientific evidence has made it clear that there are some brain structures that can lead to a person being unfaithful naturally. It could even be hereditary, or by imitating the behavior of the mother or the father. As a reminder, a child between 0 to 3 years imitate what perceives at home. Although it seems that in this age range a human being does not know much else, it is when it is absorbed. Then as more years pass, they can ease some behaviors. But in the case of infidelity, it seems that often hides a natural habit rather than something consciously provoked.

Due to the reasons stated in this article, which are based on scientific evidence, it is clear that humans can not clearly identified as a polygamist nor monogamist.