European Summit

Our enterprise attended this last weekend to an event called European Summit which was celebrated in Sitges.

Different important people who work in important adult industry websites, or other Internet companies, a part from traffic providers, servers, advertising and many more attended to that event.

We were already preparing ourselves weeks ago for that event. We could contact and meet with other websites of the sector to meet each other on Sunday and Monday, after the event’s day. However, that Friday would be for us the first day of real contact, so we could not guess what we could find there.

It was Friday and we went to Sitges, in a hotel called Hotel Calipolis. We did not have to wait to begin to know how the event was going to be. A part from seeing a lot of cars arriving to the hotel, we noticed the great number of guests that were already in the hotel’s surroundings.

Once we parked, we could access to the hotel and they gave us the AFFILIATE identification.

Some of us could already meet with some known clients. The rest of the company wandered around the zone to know both the hotel and its surroundings.

After a while we returned to the hotel’s saloon, the open bar was about to start. Once we all were there we began to know more people of the sector, people who had websites related with ours or others who offered all type of website services.

A great atmosphere was created because we all were talking to each other. It could be observed a lot of guests talking to other people, creating that way synergies between everybody. We are unaware of which synergies were being developed to the others but what it is clear is that we could build a great atmosphere creating closed relationships with many people from websites of our sector. We could end the meeting with good relationships that we will keep getting better via Skype, telephone or even meeting in person again.

A great number of webcamers’ misses attended to the event, many of them pretty famous. All of them were participating in a prize to be awarded during the remaining days of the event.

At nights, the event offered locals, discos, and nightclubs with free-entry for the assistants of the event. This was another great opportunity to continue to get in touch with other people of our sector. Despite the loud music did not permitted a fluent talk we could enjoy the music and the moment which gave us disinhibition and entertainment. Thanks to that we could end by breaking the monotony of a simple conversation and develop completely the synergies.

The remaining days were also very interesting. Breakfasts, lunchs and conferences about the sector were celebrated. Some of those conferences were related to positioning the web , such as the SEO Clinic. Saturday was the meetings’ day. The vast majority of people took the opportunity to be cited with those who had contacted before the event. To do this, the event created an app for mobile and tablet by which you could contact all participants of the event in order to concrete the meeting.

We can personally say that our enterprise came out very glad of the synergies we could get during the event. We all agree that it is not the same to get collaborations and negotiations via the Internet than to get it in person. Meet each other in person is a much more human treatment.

In general, it was clear that this sector has a very close relationship as the atmosphere among all was very pleasant and productive.

We will not hesitate to attend if the same or a similar event is celebrated. Thank you all for coming and for your company.