Escorts and prostitutes, what is the difference?

When you read Newspaper erotic ads today, it often deals with escorts

Some compare escorts to prostitutes, others assimilate them to models, exclusive companions

In reality, an escort is different from a prostitute in the sense that its services are more exclusive ... These are usually very beautiful girls who accompany on trips, dinners, professionals events.

These are women that offer distinction, discretion, intelligence and personality.

One could say that an escort is a luxury prostitute but it would be short on leg

They can be highly cultivated, elegant .... they are sometimes even students who pay for their studies working as escorts and choosing her lovers whenever they need and desire

A few months ago, a very good movie on this subject is out with the actress Juliette Binoche, it is the story of two students who pay their education by this way .... a movie about life, society, easy money and fdealing with this issue in which everyone plays a role ..... we recomment it