Escorts and Internet

With Internet, fast and discreet, call girls, escort girls, female companions, private models, whatever name we give it, have significantly expanded their work space.

We decipher for you the new environment for escort ads

No more beautiful luxury cars that roam upscale neighborhoods and call girls impossible to reach except by phone. Also finished the hostess bars where customers are many to drink cheap champagne before having sex.

The hunting ground of escorts has now moved online.

In a few mouse clicks, you can now access the escorts ads you are looking for to have fun one hour or one night

Thousands of young escorts but also escort boys and Tv/Ts people offer online sex against payment. Most escort girls are European and are not professional, but chose prostitution to solve their financial difficulties. There are also many Brazilian escorts, Russian escort girls, Argentinian and some Chinese and Thai escorts. They offer their services in their cities of residence or announce their passage for a few weeks or months, during a sex tour, the new vogue for high class escorts.

Sex tours are great for outstanding escorts but are no value for non geographically attached advertising sites and escort websites, since they show a 1-to-N relationship where "N" wants to be found in a static place, that's why "N" places static links and contact info...