The escort athlete

Surely some already know who the escort athlete was. For those who do not know yet, we present the story of Suzy Favor.

Suzy was a renowned athlete who got classified in three different Olympic Games, she participated in the 1500m competition. Barcelona (1992), Atlanta (1996) and finally the Sydney (2000) were the Olympic Games in which she participated.

This athlete won seven medals between the middle distance national and the international championships. While she was participating as a runner in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the US athlete suffered an injury in the 1500 test. Although the athlete suffered a spectacular fall, she still managed to get off the ground and finished the race. However, this meant to her the end of her career because after suffering the injury, she decided to take a new path, the prostitution life.

This new job was not so new to her. Suzy had already prostituted before for little money. She declared she was a prostitute in difficult moments of her life. Therefore, this injury meant to her a difficult experience and decided to fully focus on prostitution again.

This need for prostitute would soon become something more than a way out. Suzy felt very pleased with her work and began to fully enjoy sex for its services, which were many. Having an athlete body and an angelic face were factors that helped to get many customers. She also told her customers that she had been a prestigious athlete. She declared herself as a "sex addict", but like all addictions and extremes, there is a moment that it becomes harmful. She was also obsessed with being the best escort wanted. She wanted to be the best as when she was a professional Olympic athlete.

Over time, she got to be one of the most sought escorts in Las Vegas where she charged up to $ 600 per hour and a $ 6,000 per night.

Thanks to her autobiographical book entitled "Fast Girl", you can read the story about her past and everything she had to deal with in her life. Suzy Favor wrote her book when she was 47 years old. In the story you can read all the road traveled since leaving Suzy athletics tracks, to start your way to hostess clubs and "books" Photography as luxury escort.

In her book she also talks about her bipolar disorder, she considers herself as a very impulsive and unconscious woman. We should recall that while she was married she worked as an escort. Her husband turned to psychologists and psychiatrists to help her wife to control her occupation.

One client from Suzy released the story of the athlete in the world of prostitution to the media. In 2012 the news broke and there was a great impact on the media. Because this was discovered Suzy, who had a 7 year old daughter, decided committed suicide. Fortunately, thanks to her husband and family, Suzy could fight his depression and succeed.