Effective birth control methods II

In the previous article, Effective birth control methods I, we could show and discover some of the effective birth control unknown by the vast majority of society.

In this article, we will keep on knowing other effective birth control methods. We will mention and explain a lot of them, as in the case of some of the barrier methods:

Condom: (or also known as preservative) It is a latex sheath that fits over the penis when it is erect. Its function is to prevent the male ejaculation passing into the vagina. Thereby, it prevents an egg from being conceived.

Diaphragm: It is a latex cap which is placed at the bottom of the vagina. It covers the cervix, preventing sperm from reaching inside. It prevents pregnancy. Otherwise, it is not the safest contraceptive methods, because their effectiveness between 80% and 90%.

Female condom: It is a female condom, as the name suggests. It is very similar to the male condom but wider. It must be introduced in the walls of the vagina and vulva. Once the man ejaculates, the sperm cannot reach the egg. Efficiency is similar to the male condom.

On the other hand, there are other types of contraception where surgical intervention is required. This decision is entirely voluntary, it is often decided when you no longer want to have more children.

Tubal ligation: The only thing you have to be sure about that surgery is to know for sure that you are not allergic to anesthesia, because it could cause death. Otherwise, there are no major problems. What they do in this intervention is to tie the fallopian tubes, so then the egg cannot be fertilized.

There is a new medical breakthrough which avoids surgery and then the use of anesthesia. This method is called ESSURE, the process involves inserting a titanium device inside the tubes.

Vasectomy: This time anesthesia is used locally in that surgery. The two vas deferens are cut, so then the sperm does not go out during ejaculation. This process will not affect sexual desire or arousal of man. He may continue to pursue sex as always and without any problems.

However, there are also numerous inefficient methods not recommended for birth control and which do not guarantee its effectiveness.

Spermicides: it is a chemical substance that kills sperms in the vagina. That substance may find in creams or vaginal suppositories.

The "reverse": also known as coitus interruptus. This method tries to prevent fecundation by removing the penis from the vagina at the time of ejaculation. So then, when it ejaculates outside the vagina it should not be able to impregnate women. However, during intercourse the man ejected "seminal drops" which can include sperm to impregnate a woman.

With this article, we finish the theme of different types of contraceptives. Therefore, now you can have a long list of possibilities if you want to impregnate your partner or end up pregnant.