Differences between an escort and an everyday woman

Escort girls, offer sex services very advanced. They have really interesting and exciting sexual services on their list. Many men attend escorts in order to have a different sex which they are used to. There are lots of women who know sexual plays, but sometimes they aren't disposed to do it. However an escort is always willing to please her man. Lets see some differences:

  • Escorts practice oral sex when her man wants, but everyday women don't.
  • Escorts are always lubricated, but an everyday woman have to be lubricated by preliminaries.
  • Escorts' groans are sexier than everyday women.
  • Escorts accept ejaculations in her face or mouth, but everyday women aren't tend to like this kind of "happy ending".

In addition the same happens to escort boys, they know how to kiss, use the tongue and hands perfectly to a woman. Their penis are big and strong, but everyday men not always have those virtues.