Celebrities who are escorts

The existence of many celebrities who also work as escorts in their privacy is no longer a secret for most of us.

Although we discovered this controversial news some time ago, we do not know for sure which celebrities are really into this business. At least not all of them, because some of them recognized they worked as escorts.

We are not going to reveal their names because it is their right to keep their private life.

There exists a dilemma with this issue. Despite the fact they are now celebrities, there are a lot of them who started to be well known first as company ladies. So it is difficult to choose how to name them, as celebrities who are escorts or as escorts who are celebrities.

There are escorts who have directors, actors, businessmen and very influent people as clients. By hanging out with an escort, those men can discover a new artistic aptitude on her and it is when an escort can reach fame and become an actress, for example.

It is true that a lot of celebrities are conscious about the desire they awake in their followers. That could be a reason why they offer this service through agencies which normally are ordered to hide the celebrity’s identity. That follower/client has also a high-net level so they are not interested in be uncovered neither.

These celebrities can be found in some websites like in our escorts’ directory.

Some porn actresses and celebrities are announced with us but they change their names and hide their face in their different display photos because they do not want anyone to uncover them, mainly paparazzi. The client can be pleasantly surprised when he meets her on a date. On the other hand, we can find some other celebrities who decide to inform about that in their file. They do that in order to get more clients and to not to confuse anyone.

In other directories, celebrities do not appear. It is only announced the existence of them and that their prices exceed 3000 euros per night. The only way to get in contact with them is by passing through a filter. The celebrities’ prices are much higher than the escorts’ prices. The escorts’ price has an average of 2000 euros per night whereas the celebrities’ price is about 3000 euros per night.

The celebrities’ price will vary depends on the type of fame they have. For example, a Big Brother participant won’t be the same compared to a Hollywood actress. Despite this difference they will never lead to have cheap services.

For an escort aspire to become famous is a direct and truly benefit. They have a difficult but gratified process in moving up step by step into this new world. On the other hand, for celebrities this would be only an extra benefit because they will only attend to their clients in their free time or whenever they want incomes.

To work as an escort is a well remunerated job with a lot of demand. That is one of the main reason celebrities are more and more joining this job.

We have perhaps a neighbor, friend, familiar or someone that we barely know who has hired a celebrity... you may never know.

Who knows, perhaps it is you who has dated one of them.

Perhaps you will date one without knowing at first. Good luck.