Better 2 escorts than 1


Some think if they want an escort, that all they can get is one escort. There are escorts that are more than happy to work in teams. Imagine a pair of lovely ladies there to please you all night long…..Such erotic possibilities. Threesomes can be fun indeed, and many escorts are happy to work in duos, since it usually means a higher fee for them.

Many men love the ego boost from two ladies working on them rather than just one. Not many men are “man enough” to handle two escorts. A lot of men can’t satisfy one gal, let alone two, but some are up for the challenge. They love two escorts there to pleasure them, please them, tease them and drain them dry.

Some men that hire two escorts just want to watch the two ladies together, they are content to please themselves while watching the ladies enjoy themselves in front of them.

Men have many needs, wants and desires, and sometimes one escort is simply not enough to fulfill those needs, so they hire two of them. Some men have greater appetites than others, and they need more.

Two escorts can provide much more variety than just one. Not all escorts are willing to do team duty, not all of them are into other girls or would consider such an arrangement, others are more than game and only work in pairs. If you’re lucky, you might even find what many men consider the ultimate tag team of escort duos, twins. This can be beyond arousing for many men.



Many think that if they need an adult escort service, what they can get is only one escort, but many call girls would like to work with another escort girl.

And what a pleasure for you to have it fun with 2 very sexy girls all the night,