The best age to enjoy sex

We surely have read or heard about which the best age to enjoy sex is. There are some debates around this theme in many forums, journalistic articles, and talks with people or friends, even in TV shows.

From our point of view, to put an accurate range of age is a risky thing to do. We think that each interval of years can be enjoyed in a different and interesting way, neither better nor worse.

The 20-to-30-year-old decade is a period of first experiences. It is certainly true that nowadays people have their first sexual relationships before their 20’s, but they still are the first experiences as in their 20’s. It exist a different variety of situations: people who have had few sexual intercourses; others that have had a lot of them with a wide variety of people and in a sporadic and short time; and others that have had long sexual intercourses because they have had a long and stable relationship with another person.

Therefore, we can find different sexual practices. While ones are enjoying the variety others can be enjoying the quantity or others can be completely satisfied with few sexual intercourses. Although there are different points of views everybody has the same point in common, they are experiencing a new and exciting thing. Remember that within this period the hormones are in their highest full activity and they search for sex at any time.

The 30-to-40-year-old decade has also different variants of sexual practices. Certain people have decided to stay by their own because they didn’t want to get married or to maintain a love relationship; others are already married or they are going to get married during this range of age. Some people will want to have children, others not.

People who have decided to remain single are still having sex with different people or even with their best friends. In many occasions they will start a love relationship but they won’t get married, therefore they will continue having lawless sex with their new partners.

The ones who are maintaining a long and stable relationship are going to have sex in a more confident way. If they have already had children their confidence in sexual intercourses has increased even more. Sex will only be affected during the pregnancy and some other years after the baby is born. Once the child has grown, sex will increase again and they will enjoy it in a more special way.

The main tenet people from 30 to 40 have in common is the experience and confidence in sexual intercourses. Therefore, it is a new way to enjoy sex while you are still being young.

It is believed that from 55 years old and onwards sex is practically inexistent. But this will depend on the type of person you are.

More and more, people are reaching this age with a lot of energy. They are more worried about their physical care than before. In that case, the sexual activity is still being enjoyed with a lot more confidence and less taboos as it happens in the other range of ages. Therefore, it has been scientifically proved that it is more important how healthy you are than how old you are. Your sexual quality will vary on that.

From the 80-year-old decade there are a lot of people that think it is impossible to have sexual intercourses. However, we are again wrong. Again it will depend on your healthy status. If you are healthy you can still have oral sex, masturbate or even coition.

There are many men whose ages are 80 or more that ask for enhancer pills for increasing their sexual activity.

Advice: take care of your health!