Be the lover or the wife

It is more and more common to begin affairs and have a lover. Nowadays love relationships have changed and it is not strange to find infidelities. However, this will depend on the person and on the couple, as always.

A long love relationship usually ends with routine; this happens only when the problems between the couple do not heal or when they do not rekindle the “flame of love”. One of the main reasons couples are breaking up is because of the routine. Others seem to work but many of them hide affairs and lovers.

Although these affairs are done also by women, we will describe this fact from the point of view of men.

There exist different kinds of affair situations. The most known affair is the secretary or workmate case. That is because while you are working hours and hours with that person it can start an emotional bond. Most of these types of affairs are only for vice and sex. You can play sex and morbid games with the secretary at the office, or be excited by the fact that everybody is in a meeting while you are having sex with her.

On the other hand, the lover can also be a neighbor, a family’s friend, the sister of your wife, a mother from your son’s friend, or an escort.

There are a lot of many different possibilities to have a craze adventure, many of them are unimaginable.

Most of the time lovers suffer more than wives, unless the wife knows it.

If the affair is kept as a secret the wife will be able to deal with that life of lies. Lovers for example usually know the men’s family situation, so that the lover will try to persuade him to leave his family or at least his wife. This will be a hard decision for him to accomplish, it all will depend on the type of relationship that he would maintain with his wife. The main factors that will determine this decision are the amount of years the couple have been together, his offspring, the economic situation, his work, the patrimony and many more.

Normally, the husband is not used to leaving his relationship for a lover. Many times the husband will break up with the lover and the wife will never notice. But it can also happen the other way round, his wife can find out the whole affair and then is she who breaks up with her husband. As a consequence the husband will have no other opportunity than strengthen his relationship with the lover.

Up to now, we have talked about what in a long, consolidate relationship usually happens, but the same can occur with courtship relationships. In this case there are fewer responsibilities with the relationship you are in so there is not such a problem to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend; it is easier to end with your partner. It is also true that the fact you are beginning to deepen in that world of love and relationships it is more justifiable to do this kind of treacheries. Maybe in a long period of time the one who was at first your lover become your wife and you have a consolidated marriage.