To be the lover or to be the husband

The last article we wrote we talked about infidelity from the men’s position.

In this occasion, we will talk about unfaithful women and which is the role that the husband or the lover occupy.

We must admit that the figure’s men as unfaithful is more socially seeing than women, However, some tests and studies prove that women are much more unfaithful than we think. The difference between each is other is that men are clumsier when they have to hide an infidelity. Conversely, women know how to use their weapons in order to not be discovered by them. Moreover, most of the occasions men do not never realize about that.

From the point of view of women who are unfaithful we would say that their main reason is the routine, as it happens in the case of men who are also unfaithful. They start to get bored from men who don’t offer them new things to live and share. So, they begin to search another man who can offer much more than their actual partner.

Generally, they prefer bachelor and young men with the enough energy to make them enjoy new experiences they ‘ve never lived from a long time. –however, they would prefer to continue their former relationship if they have children.

For women to maintain a familiar, economic and patrimonial stability is very important. Especially children will be the most important, because the fact this situation may affect their children and derive into personal problems with them it is something that women could not stand, the fact that she can break up with their father to be with another man. Then, because it is more important their children’s welfare the 60% of women do not change their relationship for a lover.

On the other hand, if they do not have children but they share stability it will be also important for them in order to make the final decision. If the have stability with their actual partner they will choose him, but if the lover also offers stability to them they will, in many occasions, choose their lover.

In normal conditions, the lover would be for women a pastime very well used. Actually, the lover without knowing will help her in order to get a better relationship with her husband, and that her relationship would work better than before.

In other cases, there also exist women who let their husband in order to begin a relationship with their partner, In these cases, it can be because their actual husband do not treat them as it should be. Another situation can be given because both of them have their husband and wife and they agree to risk everything to begin something new together.

There exist different dangers in breaking their relationship up with their husbands. In the case her ex-husband is an abuser he will follow her with no good intentions. There exist also the emotional blackmail. For example the children’s theme, The husband knows it is a delicate theme in which he can play on in order her to go back to him. This last emotional blackmail would be used also in order to madly hurt her now ex-wife. The same can occur the other way round, but it is less frequent.

So that, women have more to lose if they want to leave her husband, that is the reason why they do not usually do that. There are other patriarchal issues that do not let women do what they really want to do.