Barcelona Harley Days 2015

An event of great interest for motorcycle enthusiasts arrives to Barcelona. The next day 3rd of July begins Barcelona Harley Days event .This event will last until July the 5th and will be located in the Fira de Barcelona. The Harley Village will be located in the Montjuïc exhibition center. It will be opened from 11 am to 2 am on Friday and Saturday, and from 10am in the morning until 12 at night on Sunday.

This event is considered to be the largest urban event of this brand. It is not only considered in Barcelona, but it is also well regarded Europe-wide. Still, this event will be open to all public and is free of charge.

The event will be focused for both lovers and curious people about Harley Davidson. People interested in learning, people who are new to this world, families and tourists. The goal is that any person could attend the event, to learn about the essence of the biker culture. The space, in which this event will be held, is about 40,000 m2 where you could find exhibitions of motorcycles, clothing, sale of collector's items, accessories for motorcycles and more. Regarding exhibitors, they are characterized by Harley Davidson show, custom and engine related components.

Another advantage of this event is the wide range of scheduled activities that makes more attractive this event. Some of these activities will be: the Custom Bike Show, Guided Tours, Country Party, parade flags, Jump start, Demo Rides, Expo Harley Davidson, restoration, Hog Hospitality, carp Merchandising, dealers, stage.

The event is estimated to receive more than 1 million visits, with 21,000 bikes that will come from around the world, more than 500 participants to the Demo Ride, 650 motorists willing to conduct guided tours, over 13,000 motorcycles for the parade flags, more than 200 journalists, and accredited photographers and television viewing times (TVE, La Sexta, Cuatro, Telecinco).

Moreover, attending this event will also be an opportunity to enjoy the city of Barcelona. Especially for those visitors who are not locals, which there will be many because bikers will move from their countries of origin to the event.

Another advantage that we find is that the event is placed in Plaza España, which is a huge place in Barcelona easy to visit and enjoy. This place is also well situated because it is located in a very central area of Barcelona.

People will can also visit monuments and museums, dine at restaurants, pubs, go to the beach, resting in hotels and enjoy leisure time.

Relating to leisure, do not forget the number of escorts in Barcelona that will be ready to welcome visitors who want to have some fun and relax with sex. A lot of girls are willing to have fun and improve the experience of the event’s visitors. They have the opportunity to show off their own Harley Davidson while they are being well accompanied by a beautiful escort. Let us not forget that bikers apart from bikes they also like women a lot, and women know it.