Barcelona Boat Show 2015

The next October 14th the Barcelona Boat Show 2015 will take place. This will last until October 18. Numerous activities will carried out. We will explain them below. The show will be placed in the Fira de Barcelona.

First of all, this show has organized more than 250 exhibitions with more than 70 new models of boats.

Many innovative models that have not yet been submitted in other contests may be found. This applies to new engines, boats, parts and accessories. It is recalled that last year some innovations like Rodman Muse 4 were presented. This vessel is characterized by an engine of nation building and of great national importance. That is why this 2015 top models will be presented and even improved.

The purpose of the festival is to attract all audiences in which both: the expert and the novice have the same opportunities to interact with the event. Therefore, numerous activities will be hold. For example, in the case of “surf and the harbor” activity, you could surf on artificial waves. In the previous edition, over 400 participants were encouraged to visit this festival, becoming one of the pioneers in Europe.

They also will carry out demonstrations and outputs about SUP. In this edition you may practice "Stand Up Paddle". This sport is popular in almost all the world's beaches.

Sailing around the world” I another example of event which took place in 2014, in which the sailor Alex Anton rounded the world in a sailboat.

Flyboards’ demonstration is an activity that is strongly expected this year. Flyboard is an innovative "gadget" in which you can fly over the sea about 7 meters and its appearance reminds of the well-known "Jetpack".

The passion for water sports is one of the well-recognized activities of this event, more oriented to the young audience where you can sign it up for the water sport you best like. Other activities such as “la nit nàutica”, can offer you enjoyment with music and performances. Today the nautical world is facing curious and marine industry expert public lectures. There will be also festivals and presentations where you will enjoy the facilities of the event and you will see the exhibits. Finally, the traditional fishing activity in which they will be exposing traditional fishing boats that comes from around the world.

Regarding activities outside this event, remember the possibility of knowing a big city like Barcelona. The event will take place at the "Marina Port Vell" in Barcelona. Therefore it is a chance to know this port area.

In the district of Barceloneta there are numerous restaurants and entertainment venues. For those who want to go straight to the point to spend relaxing evenings and sex, do not forget that many escorts will travel to Barcelona during the event. You can find several of them in our Escorts Barcelona.