Art of Seduction By Playful Escorts

Occasionally I do get asked about the technique of making love to a woman. I don't know why really because just because I'm in the escort business it doesn't make me an expert or anything. However I have slept with quite a few women over the years and so I'm prepared to at least discuss the subject. It was a young Arab guy that was in London for the summer and he called and asked if we had any Kensington escorts. We chatted for a while as he was new to the escort scene and he asked what my best tip was for making a girl happy was. I told him that it certainly wasn't about throwing cash at her, he was driving a Porsche and I think he rather thought that starting the engine constituted foreplay.

I explained that what girls really love is when a guy takes his time and makes them feel special. I think that is the key to seducing a girl. Not sure what you think but that approach has worked many a time, even with Escort girls. That's because it's important that you remember that the London escorts you've booked who is winging her way to hotel room as we speak is a human being who responds in much the same way as any other woman. You can also enjoy brunette escorts , to have more sensual experience. The secret is to treat her as a lady and go at a steady pace. The art of seduction is not dead just yet.