Are human beings polygamous or monogamous?

A lot of debates and doubts have been created around this question; the approach is whether or not human beings are polygamous or monogamous.

We will begin with defining each concept:

Polygamy: Kind of marriage or relationship in which to be married or have love/sexual relationships with others is allowed. This kind of relationship will become considered as an unfaithful relationship if one of the members does not accept that they can have other love or sexual relationships with others.

Monogamy: This concept refers to the sexual and emotional that can be shared exclusively with one person. A kind of relationship which is shared with that person and that can last a whole life. A totally faithful relationship.

These two definitions can be applied also to the animal world.

Surely, you, as a reader, will already have answered that question. This answer will vary depending on the way of being of each one and the type of relationship he or she wants to have.

If we are in a murky relationship in which we know there have been some infidelities from your partner or yourself, you may think that humans are polygamous.

In contrast, if we are sharing a faithful relationship in which the only problem is arguments, we may think humans are monogamous.

However, according to the vast majority of studies related with that issue, human beings are the few species who are defined as faithful. Actually, 5 % of species are truly faithful. That we are inside this 5 % of faithful species is because primates are also monogamous and we descend from them.

In fact, in nature, monogamy seems to be the “weird thing to be” and the polygamy is the “normal thing to be”. What makes a human being monogamous or polygamous is depending on various neurotransmitters such as dopamine or the vasopressin. The most known is the dopamine, you may have heard or read that word, it is the responsible to make us feel the love’s sensation. But dopamine does not only creates that love sensation but it also brings pleasure when we do exercise a part from the sensation we get from taking a drug and many other sensations.

On the other hand, vasopressin is related with the blood pressure a par from other things. So then, she is encharged of speed up the heart’s pulsations when we feel something for someone else.

All this is what influence us to feel more or less for that person. This can be a factor for someone to be unfaithful. If we do not meet anyone who awakes us this feeling a part from your couple then it will be more difficult to make an infidelity.

Nowadays, things have changed through time. Centuries ago, in some cultures, a couple was meant to get married and stay together till death. Nowadays, this has changed in some cultures. That is why we desire to live new adventures.

A marriage, have children, the mortgage and many other things in common do not longer guarantee a couple for the rest of your life. In fact, a lot of affairs happen when you are married. In short, polygamy is imposing over monogamy more frequently proving that human being is not truly 100% in that percentage of monogamous species.