Anal Sex

Anal sex, also known as Greek, is known worldwide as one of the favorite sexual practices for many people. However, there are not always appropriate measures taken so that this practice may be truly enjoyable and not become painful. Therefore, we will recommend some tips to make anal sex properly. First of all, we recommend the use of condoms.

  1. Cleaning and hygiene: It will be very important to the anus to be clean before performing the sexual act. For this there are some anal cleaners that can be purchased in online sex shops and sex shops. It is a pumper left clean water from inside the anus. Special soaps can also be used to ensure proper cleaning of the area. With this cleaning, it not only avoid surprises during sex, it may also prevent infection in the area. 
  2. Condom use: It is advisable to use a condom, thereby avoiding possible infections in the penis and anus. On the other hand, it is also hygienic if we change condoms when at the end of an anal penetration, you like to penetrate the vagina. As a reminder, if the vagina is penetrated after anal sex is penetrated, you may infect the vagina. Although a woman cannot become pregnant with anal sex, use condoms prevent STDs contracting STDs. In case that no condom is used, you must clean the penis before entering the vagina.
  3. Toys: The use of sex toys for anal sex is a good idea, but we must monitor the shape and size of these toys. They sell special toys for anal sex, because it can damage the anal area and create infections.
  4. Stimulation of the anal area: It is advisable to lubricate and stimulate the anal area prior to penetration. To thereby prevent damage, scares and rips.
  5. Monitor the use of some medications: Do not use muscle relaxants before anal sex, many people take them to avoid pain or fear of this sexual practice. On the other hand, we must not use anesthetic or soothing cream whatsoever, this is because if the anus sleeps it can cause even more damage than normal. Moreover, it is not necessary be said that if you suffer some kind of injury, pain, infection as the case of hemorrhoids you should not be performed anal sex.
  6. Be sure they want to do it: Many times sex is made without both people agree. This is a serious mistake because if it becomes uncomfortable it may increase the chances of something going wrong. The partners must speak before carrying out anal sex, to thereby be able to enjoy it properly. Follow the above tips to ensure sexual fulfillment with this practice. In the case that one partner does not want to perform anal sex, there are many sexual positions and practices to do.