Adult sex toys

Sex toys exist since thousands of years ago, the dildo is the oldest toy in history. Until today, sex toys have evolved and they have adjusted to the every type of person needs.

Many fantasies can be realized thanks to sex toys. For example, inflatable dolls are fun for many men. This toy has evolved more and more to the point that they seem as real woman sex dolls.

More than once we will have been in a sex shop store or know any insurance. In these shops there are a wide range of erotic toys. We can find a variety of toys such as:

- Penis rings

- Chinese balls and anal beads

- Vacuum Pump Penis

- Dildos

- Mirrors

- Machines

- Dolls and inflatable dolls

- Artificial vaginas

- Vibrators

- Harness

- Pills for excitation

- Oils for massage

- Flavored condoms

- Sexy Lingerie

- Flavored lubricants

- Handcuffs 

Today, sex toys have become an important part of our sex life, more and more couples use these toys in their sexual relationships. Also, more and more single men and women use these toys in their privacy.

Recent studies have claimed that 80% of women have a sex toy in her bedroom, where: vibrators, massage oils, flavored condoms, sexy lingerie and costumes toys the most used items.

The same study concluded that 70% of women between 18 and 24 have several sexual fantasies in common. Like having sex in public places with their partner, in public toilets. The car and train stations are their favorites places for it.

On the other hand, there are other women fantasies, related to perform a threesome with her partner. As two men, one of them her partner. It is a type of low fantasy but increasingly growing. For men, this fantasy is very common, having sex with two women which one of them is his partner.

The other women, with 30% of respondents in the survey, report having outdoor sexual fantasies. As beaches, sports facilities, campus, balconies,the mountain, etc..

For such meetings in open areas, the toys are used are: the masks, vibrators, handcuffs and even water vibrators in the case of beaches.

For men, the most used toys are inflatable dolls, automatic masturbators and in some cases anal vibrators. For men who has couple uses sex toys as vibrators, which become an ally of “play”. Since man can penetrate his partner and can combine that insight with vibrator penetration, thus sex becomes longer and woman can reach successfully to the orgasm.

In porn, they are using more these toys what motivates their purchase and implementation during sex. Anyway, we have to monitor the use and apply we have to do with these toys as it can hurt. We see in some movies big toys penetrating the vagina of the actresses, but if it is done at home could bring problems. Keep in mind that porn actresses and actors are well prepared for this extreme use of sex toys.

If you've never been to a sex shop, we recommend that you enter or for curiosity. Most likely you end up buying a toy, and once you try it will cause you an intimate benefit.