About the prostitution

"About the prostitution" is a translation from the text of William Marx, essayist, critic, and an honorary member of the universitary institute from France.


In France, the parliament wants to vote the prohibition of the prostitution and, at the same time it is preparing a law that penalizes the answer of the crimes against the humanity.

The simultaneity of both of them is not really a casualty: is a truly police/ politicy of the consciences and the bodies that our MPs wants to set up.


Those MPs are on the defensive with the Strauss-Kahn cases; anyone wants to seem accomplice and, is that way, how a sexual and moral prohibition law could be voted with unanimity by the left and the right. Just some women speak out, in order to answer this law project, but, it seems that someone has remove the right of men opinions- like if in the beginning they were guilty.

The vocabulary used causes respect and terror: It is said that France should adopt an abolitionist attitude. Who could go against to that semantic?

However, there is a genre confusion.

On the one hand we had an indulged sex relationship with one or more unknown: You are who decide (at the moment), but if this relationship is accompanied with a money exchange, then you get the risk of being arrested for 2 months. This disproportion between the act and the punishment has something fun.

Which crime has committed? There is no doubt that the commercialization not: Our governments had sold lots of services that before they were free or public. But then, if everything could be marketed, except the sex, then there is something sacred in the sexuality. So far everything is perfect, everyone has the freedom to believe whatever he wants but, It is a secular republic become the defense of that belief? Until there is a proof to the contrary, a sin is not a crime.” Yes, someone will say, but we don't have rights to sell his body”. Nuance:the prostitutes, escorts and companion ladies sell a service provided by her body. The actors,the athletes do the same, as a military or a carrier, each one with his modality. Or it's allowed to earn money making the war but not the love?


“ Yes, someone will said, but the prostitutes doesn't do sex work in a voluntary way”. And the cleaners who wake up at 4h in the early morning for going to work, Do they do it for vocation?

Lots of prostitutes claim the right of making her activity and offer professional sex freely. Then, there will be categories and categories, and one of them would be people that won't be considered as older and responsible? Under the pretext to protect the women, we protect them and, it's sold to us a moral law. Of course there are criminals networks that are important to dismantle. But, an abuse is not pulled down removing a freedom.

Were we would stop? If the prostitution is prohibited, the pornography, the porn movies should be like that too, as same as the nude models in the title pages of the magazines, the books, television programs or expositions: the porn actors and actresses don't do less trade of his body and, nevertheless, those activities, nowadays have become an habit.

With this law, that pretends being passed in France, a new unit will born, the police would enter in the houses and in the minds and, that day, the fundamental values of our republic would be eroded.

To reach this point, which priests, rabbis or imams have we vote in the parliament, without knowing?