About the pornstars in Japan

We have known since the birth of Hollywood. Every girls dream to become a star. Some succeed for a period eminently variable. Fame does not last long. Andy Warhol, who was a pessimist, measured it in quarter hours. The cinema is democratized since the days of large U.S. companies. Everyone can now become a filmmaker. And what are making this new comers?.... erotic films, most of the time! We must go in the direction of the trends.

Last weeks, the Japanese video industry has published an astonishing figure. It believes that 1 Japanese girl over 200 have participated in a "charming" or pornographic movie. How come does this percentage? Very simple. By addition. It appears approximately one hundred new bands a day. Thinking that there is no Sunday for their authors, it comes at a total of 35 000 annually.

Unstoppable. You can check on your calculator. Consider now the country's population. And set a retirement age, although it must also satisfy some gérontophiles. The productions of the year require the coming into play from 2000 to 3000 girls. Others do not disappear. This would, in all, 150 000 "pornstars" on the market. However, Japanese women aged between 19 and 55 are 30 million. It is not difficult to arrive at the final result. Yes! It's nice to 0.5 percent.

Many films have of course a customer. It seems inexhaustible in the land of the Rising Sun. These viewers want of course always something new. Let us not forget that Japan has horror of what might look old and outdated. People buy and throw. And morality in that? "The different religions do not see premarital sex as immoral." . Remains the final question. The film industry is buzzing about "charming" and pornography. But where lies the fragile border between the two? This is a personal feeling. There's the charm that scares already, while others see no harm in a good, stout, frank pornmovie. In some countries, it would be adjudicated by the judges. But we must not delude ourselves. Each of them would decide differently. And they do so only occasionally. Can you imagine what would involve viewing erotic films 35 000 per year? This would be enough to sicken you definitely sex?