About anal sex

You can hear al ot of different comments about anal sex..... some girls like it and other do not want to hear about anal sex....it may be because they do not like it or because they do not have anal sex in the good manner.

Firstable, if you practice anal sex with relax and lubricant, it will be probably a better experience, and if you have got before an erotic massage, vaginal penetration and a good blowjob, still better

Regarding hygiene, security, you should not use the same condon for anal sex than vaginal penetration …. in order to avoid infections

Otherwise, you should ask to your partner to begin with the finger …... to know if you like it

About position for anal ….there are different ways but for the first time we would recommend the spoon position, you on the side and your partner behind you...it is softer and you control a little bit
And, by the way, if you feel pain practicing, stop it and test it again in an other moment, with calm and no pression....anal is very special and if you do it unproperly, you will not do it again