2015 New Year’s resolutions

A new year has begun, as always. This time it is 2015 that brings us new opportunities to carry out new resolutions.

A lot of resolutions cam sound as topic things to do. We are going to enumerate some of them, they may interest you.

- Eat healthier

- Do more exercise

- Gain or lose weight.

- Start doing any sport, such as going to the gym.

- Improve our marks.

- Seek a promotion in our work.

- Pay more attention to our family, friends.

- Find a partner.

- Relax yourself some minutes per day as a way of mediation.

- Sleep more and drink more water.

- Find a job.

- Finish or start a new course or studies.

- Start a new collection.

-Discover new places, travel.

- Be more positive.

As you have noticed, a lot of resolutions exist when you begin a new year. There are many more resolutions, of course.

The approach may change depending on the person. Although the desirable thing to do is to accomplish at least the half of them it is true that we are not used to accomplish the majority of them. This can occur because we made a wrong approach, we dreamt of accomplishing something that it is unreachable for us now. But the most common explanation is that we fall again in our monotonous routine. The New Year’s resolutions are important because we can try to reinvent ourselves with them.

If we can finally accomplish them we can undoubtedly make great changes in our lives. Depend on our resolutions we will make good or bad changes.

The best way to accomplish all or at least almost all the resolutions is to go by parts. Do not desperate, do not try to go faster or get overwhelmed with all that we have proposed to ourselves.

For example, if we want to sign up the gym in order to win bodybuilding we cannot pretend to expect great results in a short time. Everything takes its time. It maybe takes a year to accomplish it. The same will occur if you want to lose weight.

For that reason it is important to mark some easy goals and go little by little reaching harder ones.

It is also important not to put us a lot of resolutions. It may not be possible to accomplish all of them. We have many other years to get and propose new resolutions, so that the ones that have not been reached one year can be done the next year.

We have an entirely year to live, and with that, many new opportunities that we do not even know they will appear. So that, we may accomplish some of our resolutions in a different way or we may change them for better ones.

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