We show you our advertising options bellow. Ad with us if...

  • you want to get more contacts
  • you want to get more calls
  • you want to get more visits


Standard Ad

To publish an ad with us, please follow the steps given: Firstable, pay the ad once it is finished.

Pick how long you would like to publish your ad for (1 week, 15 days, 1 month). Enter your payment details. Our team will verify that your ad is correct. If it is, we will publish it and if not, we will let you know by email. Once the ad is published we will charge you, not before.


Currency/Time   7 days 15 days 1 month
Euros   20 29 40
NOK   165 230 330


Premium Escort

Do not forget that, to purchase this Extra Ad, you should hace publish your standard ad with us. To highlight your standard ad, acquiring Premium escort, you will appear in the 1st page , at the top, and in the following pages of all the cities. For more results and more success

Currency/Time 3 days 7 days 15 days 1 month
Euros 20 27 40 70
NOK 200 270 400 700

Home Leading Escort

Remind that to purchase Leading Escort Ad, you first have to publish your Standard Ad with us. Your photo appears on the Home page, in the center, bellow country and city selector. Get more visits to your profile & more contacts ... It is very effective!

Currency/Time 3 days 7 days 15 days 1 month
Euros 11 24 35 55
NOK 80 180 300 430

Advertising Banner

On the left, on the main page

To enhance your image in your country, increase traffic to your website, or simply to increase the number of clicks on your ad ... We can insert your picture in the banner or custom design one for you (Design additional cost for custom design banner= 100€)

Currency/Time 15 days 1 month
Euros 200 330
NOK 1800 3000