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  • - How to post an escort ad?
  • - What information do you put in your ad?

    The ad should contain your basic characteristics (age, hair color, weight, etc...) and it is very important to include photos for visitors to get an idea of who you are.

  • - How much is an ad?

    From only 20€ (1 week) to 100€ (3 months). The price depends on the time you want your escort advertisement to be published. For more information please contact us or look at our prices here

  • - How do I pay for my ad?

    You can buy your advertising in different ways.

    By credit card, SpendOn card, paysafecard, by bank transfer or through Western Union or Moneygram.

    Pay for your advertisement when it is completed, following our instructions below:

    Go to "my account"

    If you have just one advertisement, click "payments" (at the bottom of the page) then "Click here to pay for your ad"

    Select the susciption type (1 week, 15 days, 1 month) then your payment method.

    Enter your payment details. (important if you pay by spendon card, do not forget to mark twice "spendon card")

    If you have multiple ads, first select the ad you want to pay or highlight by clicking the pink "more" to the right of the photo and then click "payment" (bottom of page) and, on "Click here to pay for your ad"

    Make your choice on the duration of publication (1 week, 15 days, 1 month).

    Enter payment information.

    Our team ensures that your ad is correct. If everything is ok, we can publish, otherwise, a member of our team will contact you by email.

    The payment is effective from the first day of publication, not before. If the ad is not accepted, we refund what you paid.

    Your advertisement will be sent to moderation and, if all necessary information has been added, it will be published within a few hours.

    We remind you that in order to contract services with us, you must first register for free with us. Once you have registered your ad, you will have the choice between these options, which ever you feel is more comfortable and fast:

    Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Diners club, SpendOn):

    You must sign up with us before you pay:

    Go to your ad if you want to buy a highlight or

    Put in your ad if the 1st time.

    SpendOn Credit Card (You can buy SpendOn from any 7-eleven or Narvesen shop. You decide the amount that you want, and use it as a normal credit card in

    You must sign up with us before you pay:

    Go to your ad if you want to advertise now

    Put in your ad if the 1st time.

    paysafecard Online cash payments, without bank account or credit card? Get your paysafecard now and pay online as if you’re using cash.

    paysafecard is prepaid cash for the Internet.(Exchange cash for paysafecard at your nearest sales outlet. You will receive a 16-digit paysafecard pin for paying your ad on’s very easy – no personal data or bank account details are required.

    Follow this link to find a sales outlet near you:

    You must sign up with us before you pay:

    Go to your ad if you want to advertise now

    Put in your ad if the 1st time.

    By bank transfer

    Our bank details are:

      laCaixa IBAN: ES19 2100 0885 6902 0026 0126 BIC/SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX

    When you do the transfer, it is very important that you indicate clearly your full name, escortintime ID and telephone.

    Without this information, your registration on our website may be delayed.

    By Money Order, Western Union, Moneygram, etc ..

    Please indicate clearly your full name, escortintime ID and telephone and send it to Publikiss S.L., Calle Aribau 168 1º1ª 08036 Barcelona, Spain.

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  • - How do I change my ad?

    To change your listing, you must click on "access my account" (upper right corner of your screen) with your email and password.

    When you're in your private area, go straight to "my ad". Then the ad you posted appears and you can edit, change your details or add photos.

  • - How do I highlight my ad? ( Premium Escorts , Leading escorts, Sidebar Banners, …..)

    If you want your ad to be more visible and get more contacts, see our advertising options. it will help you get more calls and / or emails

    or if you prefer, contact us, we will help you increase your contacts.

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